1993, (Out of print) Kyoto Shoin International, (絶版) 京都書院

2003, (Reprint) SEIGENSHA Art Publishing, (再版) 青幻舎

Editorial Director : Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Design : Kaoru Kasai

The 1990s saw a major shift in Ueda's photography. A wholly “other” vision of a primal wilderness floated into view in the 8 x 10 camera obscura, and with it an acute awareness of “early photography.” From 1991 to 1992, Ueda photographed the sacred Nature american forest of Quinault, and published this collection the following year.

Portraits of trees The birth of a new photography

“I started working on the Amagatsu project around 1990, but meanwhile the spring of 1991 found me traipsing through deep forests on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State on the American West Coast, shouldering a large 8 x 10. It all started from taking a single image of a tree: I sensed a fleeting presence and instinctively pointed my camera, then what should emerge from the black box but an original photograph, something truly my own. I knew for certain it was a new beginning, without exaggeration, the birth of a new photography. I wasn't just saying this, it was a new experience, a new sensation I was feeling. As if the tree had whispered to me, Look this way. A powerful commanding force had held me there in a trance. From then on until the final photograph, I took pains trying to repeat the experience, but no matter how I wandered about that same overriding power eluded me. Then at the very last, upon shooting my last tree photo, I knew, Enough, it's time to leave the forest.

“I do believe I photographed the forest as a ‘force,’ something completely different than merely shooting scenery. Or to put it rather strangely, I seem to have been taking portraits of trees. A year later the book was published under the title Quinault, the Native American name for that wooded sanctum.”

from the "Photographer Interview" section of the FujiFilm homepage (used with permission)

1990年代に入り、上田の写真が大きな転換をみせる。8×10の暗箱に浮かび上がった、まったく特別な「森」の姿。写真家が強く意識する「写真の始まり」がそこにあった。 1991年から92年にかけて撮られたアメリカインディアンの聖なる森は、その地の名を取り『QUINAULT』と名付けられ、1993年に出版された。

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