2014, Gallery916small (Tokyo)

「Hakuho」Gallery916small (東京)

The sumo wrestler quietly, yet commandingly, nears. The air around him vibrates with the movement of his body. The photographer who had been watching him intently casually beckons him to stand in front of the camera. The wrestler takes his place in front of the photographer as if he already knows how this is going to unfold, and the photo shoot suddenly begins. “Hakuho” was shot very decisively. And now that portrait stands before us .

The person in the photograph is unquestionably the great yokozuna of this generation, Hakuho Sho. The scent of his hair wafting from his fan shaped topknot; the pure, whiteness of the sacred rope around his waist; the lustre on the silk of his elegant ornamental apron; the well-balanced energy exuded from his beautiful physique. The same photograph also captures the Shinto ritual that is sumo wrestling, practised by so many wrestlers over thousands of years and handed down to generation after generation. There may be no limit to what a photograph is capable of expressing.

Nahoko Ota ( Tokyo-Ga Commissioner )



Date : 21st March to 12th April 2014

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写真に写されているのはまぎれもなく当代の名横綱 白鵬翔。鬢の匂いまでが伝わってくる大銀杏、しめ縄の清潔な白さ、繊細にして典雅な化粧回しの絹の光沢、均整がとれたエネルギーを放つ美しい肉体、が同時に、多くの力士たちが千年以上の歳月を乗り越え、継承してきた神事としての相撲の姿までも克明に写されていることが読み取れる。写真が表現できること、そこには限界などないのかもしれない。

太田菜穂子(「 東京画」コミッショナー)



会期 : 2014年3月21日-2014年4月12日

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休館日 : 日曜日、月曜日(祝日除く)

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