A Life with Camera

2015, Hatori press, Inc. 羽鳥書店

Design : Hideki Nakajima

A Life with Camera
and step towards taking yet unseen photos

In April 1982 I set out on my own path. I was 24, and in a total dreamworld.
The photos I took back then are in this book. Whenever I look at them, the scenes witnessed over 30 years ago come back to me with vivid clarity, at the same time reminding me of my gaze then. The gaze of a taciturn youth who comes up with myriad possibilities for snaring his prey, then gives up on most of them in the next instant, and battles with the time left to him while suppressing the frequent twinges of unease that surface from those discarded possibilities. At times it strikes me with renewed force just how strange and cruel a thing time can be. Even 30 or more years on, photos that stopped time are so raw you’d think they were taken yesterday. And I, looking at those photos, am a man of grey hairs and middle age, only my gaze that of a 24-year-old. Looking at the photos in this book I am reminded that photography is all about the gaze. Whatever I photograph, my own gaze is always reflected. Clumsy that gaze may be, yet I feel proud to have retained it, unaltered.And struck anew, forcefully,by the wonder, the beauty, and the cruelty of photography, because it stops time, capturing a certain person on a certain day, in a certain place, just as they were at that point; capturing with unbeatable clarity the gaze of the person who took the photo, their thoughts, in a piece of paper we call a photograph.
I’m thrilled to have encountered photography.And believe I’ve been fortunate to choose a life spent with photography. Obviously it hasn’t always been plain sailing. But if I had my time again, I’d still be a photographer. Through photographs I have encountered the world, and wonderful people from many countries. My gratitude to photography is enormous. Gazing on the gaze of my younger self, I determine to keep taking more and more photos, as long as I live.

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A Life with Camera

1982年4月 一人で歩み始めた年。24歳、まさに夢のただ中にいた。



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